In the winter, a window can be a big help to your home. Windows don’t just admit light, they admit heat, so when the freezing temperatures arrive, a window admitting sunlight warms the home and gives your furnace a break.

However, in the summer, the opposite is true. Bright days during a hot summer means that even more heat is coming into your home that your AC is struggling to fight.

If you don’t want your AC working more than it should during the summer, get some drapes, curtains or even blinds for windows that get full exposure to sunlight, and cover those windows during the brightest part of the day. It will make a difference as to how hot your home gets during the summer season.


The most common HVAC configuration is a central system where both the furnace and AC share the same ducts carrying processed air to every room in a home.

However, ducts are really just pipes, and whether that pipe is carrying air or liquid, it can sometimes “spring a leak.” Any leak means a drop in efficiency for your HVAC system that you pay for with higher bills every month.

Have a professional conduct an inspection, cleaning, and, if required, repairing your ducts if leaks are detected to get your efficiency back.

Whether you’re fighting the heat in summer or trying to stay warm in winter, be smart about using your HVAC system. With a few tips, you can make sure you don’t pay more than you have to in order to stay comfortable in your home.